Who Benefits?: How the AIA Hurt Deceptively Non-Joined Inventors
Jordana R. Goodman

Understanding the Metacognitive “Space” and Its Implications for Law Students’ Learning (Appendix 1, Appendix 2)
Jennifer A. Gundlach and Jessica R. Santangelo

The Best Offense Is a Good Defense: Fourth Amendment Implications of Geofence Warrants
Brian L. Owsley


#FreeBritney: A Social Media Movement Shining a Light on Guardianship Abuse and Oversight
Nicole C. Palas

Re-Directing the 50-Year-Long War on Drugs in the United States: Safe Injection Sites as the Necessary Weapons
Tessa Ptucha

Fan to Fan, They’re Cheating You: American Fans’ Collective Nightmare and the Need for Uniform Regulation of America’s Secondary Ticketing Market
Irini Christina Tsounakas